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Crédit Agricole and RGI: the Claim in a Click

Take advantage of the digital transformation for a positive customer experience

The claim is a pivotal moment for an insurance company because it is one of the rare occasions on which they meet the customer. Making the insured's experience as satisfying as possible is therefore an ever more important strategic objective, especially in the claim opening phase, which may prove crucial to enhancing customer satisfaction and the customer experience.

In this regard, multichannel distribution, in which a claim can be opened either by an agency, a call centre or reported via web, is an element of innovation in claims management as a whole.

Innovating the service to better satisfy the customer's needs can also have a positive impact on efficiency of the process overall, as the insured can be made independent in certain phases, allowing these to be expedited faster within the company as well.

Today, for example, many insurance companies are investing in the possibility of opening a claim using a mobile device. Among these are Crédit Agricole Assicurazioni, a Non-life bank-insurance company which distributes its insurance solutions through the Cariparma Group.

The company, in partnership with RGI, has developed the ClicCAAci app for reporting and consulting claims in the Motor, Home and Accident insurance branches. Crédit Agricole Assicurazioni was one of the first companies to see that the digital services offered by multichannel distribution could be a strategic business lever; for this reason, it decided to create a B2C App dedicated to its customers and allowing them to take advantage of mobile technology and the availability of information anytime, anywhere, thanks also to real time integration with the insurer's back-end systems.

Closer to the customer

With the ClicCAAci app, Crédit Agricole wanted to create a new digital point of contact with the insured, facilitating the after-sales and customer service support activities, and enhancing the claims handling processes, by digitising its business model.

To produce the ClicCAAci app, Crédit Agricole Assicurazioni called on RGI, European leader in the development of software for the insurance industry with 30 years of experience in development and implementation of Policy Administration Systems and digitisation systems for insurance companies across all lines of business.

A Digital Agency for insurance

Over the past year, RGI has created in-house a dedicated Insurance Digital Agency, working with several companies to lead them in the direction of the digital transformation, supporting them with its know-how in the field of usability and user experience, essential factors to ensure linearity in design and ease of use of the applications.

RGI's Insurance Digital Agency specialises in designing the user experience as a multi-platform, multi-device concept and in implementing digital solutions such as mobile apps, proof of concepts and multimedia productions, all with an expert focus on the Insurance Industry. Its in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of this market enables RGI to optimize the information architecture, content and navigation of systems to make them more intuitive and easy to access, guaranteeing optimal user experience.

The use of cutting-edge technologies and tools, managed through a slim and agile design model, also ensures that the product developed is optimised to achieve high performance regardless of the type of device.

The working group that developed the ClicCAAci project was a team with mixed skills, from different areas of the company precisely because, for the project to succeed, it was essential to design a user experience tailor-made for the insurance company's needs. RGI came up with a straightforward, linear architecture allowing the information needed to be easily identified and granting immediate access to the important features thanks to a clear and intuitive layout that reflects usability standards.

Faster, on-the-spot assistance

The ClicCAAci app - for use on Android and Apple devices – lets the insured:

  • view his/her claims and their state of progress
  • provide the fundamental data to report a motor, home or accident claim in a quick, intuitive, guided procedure
  • request assistance for various necessities.

In this way, customers have an additional communication channel, with the possibility of accessing their data in a uniform way, either through the app or the HomeInsurance portal, as well as at the bank counter.

The advantage of using the app is that the typical features of smartphones and tablets can be exploited, such as image capture using the device's camera or geolocation of the user's position in order to obtain faster, on-the-spot assistance.

Source: RGI