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The technological forces below insurance evolution

Today "the result" is shaped through a convergence of technological forces: analytics, social business, cloud, mobility and cyber security. These technologies are transforming everything in their paths. Indeed, the "Digital Era" is changing our lives.

The forces of pervasive digitalization move us inexorably towards greater linkage between the physical and digital universe in both technological and social terms.



Elena Pistone
MKTG & Communication Manager

  • Life Insurers Must Prepare Now for the Internet of Things
  • Steven Leigh
  • 25 September 2013
  • The Internet of Things provides a wealth of new data, and an extraordinary set of opportunities and challenges. Life insurance CIOs need to create an infrastructure that makes it possible to leverage this new data in existing underwriting and to support continuous underwriting.
Key Challenges
  • Life insurers will need to develop an effective strategy to take advantage of the underwriting data increasingly being generated by the Internet of Things. The opportunities are poorly understood, and life insurers are ill-equipped to address the profound changes it will bring.
  • Life insurers are ill-equipped to handle the increasingly detailed information delivered by Internet-connected devices, which will affect life insurers in two critical ways — by delivering new data that will enable them to assess risk more accurately, and by helping their customers potentially lengthen their lives.
  • Life insurers are not yet able to evaluate "Internet of Things" data to appraise the potential value it can deliver. For example, it is uncertain whether measuring fitness performance, driving Internet-connected cars, or monitoring disease care will yield significant improvements to mortality rates.

Insurance CIOs:

  • Prepare the IT infrastructure to collect, manage and benefit from the data delivered by the Internet of Things, particularly new data products from existing data providers as they become available.
  • Lead a strength, weakness, opportunity and threat (SWOT) analysis with product development and underwriting regarding the Internet of Things for your organization, for both new and existing products and underwriting approaches.
  • Use the Internet of Things to help drive innovation related to new product types, strategic use of data and fostering healthier living.

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Technology Outlook


  • The predictive models of the future
    We are moving into a new era in connectivity that will be characterized by the proliferation of billions of connected devices all over the world. Most of this growth comes from machine-to-machine: linked sensors, cameras, and complex peripherals.

    Claims Competence Center: maturity model outputs
    On October 2013, the third year of the activity research by the Claims Competence Center ended. This project was sponsored by RGI Group, and carried out together with "Cetif" ("Centro di ricerca su Tecnologie, Innovazione e servizi Finanziari" - Università Cattolica di Milano).


    Up to the Minute


    RGI Next - Big Data Revolution
    On Friday, October 11, in the picturesque setting of Lake Garda , the second edition of RGI Next: "RGI Next- Big Data Revolution" took place. There were more than 150 delegates from the domestic and foreign insurance market.

    Real Life Case in the Big Data era
    The following scenario is an example of how new products for Non-Motor Branches of Insurance that can be created by using predictive models and making use of big data. The Data Scientist is configuring a new "Multi-Risk" product for farms, combining existing business rules, calculations and models with the new variables from the world of Big Data.


    Business Guidelines


    The Decalogue of the insurance product
    8. Free from it constraints, however easy and tangible
    9. Thought for the present, but imagined for the future
    10. Open to sales campaigns but with annuities control