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PASS_Products Easy – simplicity has a new name

The digitalization, together with insurance and economic scenarios of the last years, is leading insurers towards the renovation and evolution of their Policy Administration Systems.

The main driver of such evolution is the need for IT-driven efficiency in business processes, i.e. straight-through-processing and paperless processes, and flexible IT systems, that involve the possibility to launch new products and make changes to existing tariffs in a quick and cost-effective way.

Moreover, insurers need Policy Administration Systems that enable them satisfying the different customers' needs, as well as IT systems that allow shrinking the operating costs. The need for costs efficiency is indeed a primary objective.

To achieve this objective, insurers are focusing on rationalization in redundancies in all systems used in the different business areas and on simplification in business processes, with an increase in the overall automation level.

Another primary objective is to empower business users, in order to make them able to autonomously configure products and tariffs, thus reducing the need for IT staff intervention and lowering the time-to-market of new products and tariffs.

Today with current configurators business users can make some configurations on their own, but for most operations they still depend on IT (configurations, modifications and go-live).

The implications of this approach are:

  • Longer time-to-market for new products (3-6 months, based on our market experience), as well as for modifications to existing products
  • Business users see the results only after the implementation, during testing, so all problems require a rework from the early steps of the implementation cycle.

To overcome such issues, RGI Group developed PASS_Products Easy: PASS_Products Easy improves the already high usability of PASS_Products, thus reducing user requirements and time to train the staff, making it usable to a wider range of users.

With PASS_Products Easy, business users will be independent and will configure autonomously products (creation, modification, go-live), thus resulting in:

  • Reduced time-to-market for creation and go-live for new products (< 1 month) or for changes to existing products
  • Reduction in errors and reworks, as users can immediately verify correctness of changes to products (or group of products) and can correct errors by themselves.